Puppy lessons (under 5 months)



We teach your puppy using simple voice control. Our main focus is socialisation and good behaviour shaping with some basic obedience.

Many other places offer puppy pre-school. The issue with puppy pre-schools is puppies are allowed to socialise, but are not taught right from wrong. This is how “cute” puppy behaviours turn into bad adult behaviour. Often all the puppies are let off lead at once with no control and are allowed to roam and interact as they want with no rules, this is how they allow the pups to "socialise" with one another, however this also allows bullying and bad behaviours to happen and not be corrected.
Some puppy pre-schools place your pet in a “sin bin” or “naughty cage”. Often the bigger or more boisterous puppies spend lots of the time in these because the scared or small puppies get trampled or bullied by them. This means the smaller puppies start to growl and/or bark at the other puppies, but this is not corrected as the pup is just trying to protect itself and the big dogs are placed in isolation. So we have the little small puppies becoming aggressive and the larger or boisterous puppies sometime allowed to jump or bully other or spend most there time in isolation and not taught how to correctly interact with the other animals. This is where neither puppies get the taught.

We however teach the puppy using our own dogs to be calm around other dogs and what is and isnt acceptable behavour out of the puppy.


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If your dogs over five months or right on the verg then see our adult lesson. We also offer puppy pre school