Whether you have a dog that pulls on the lead or is aggressive it all starts with obedience. For obedience we use a black dog head halter to have complete control over the dog during its learning stage. We use reward based training, but do not use food as it’s not a reliable training method as you don’t always have treats on you or may not have a food motivated dog. Instead we use voice control and the reward is lots of attention and praises for being good. Dogs instantly want your affection and enjoy working for it. We also use a no and circle if the dog does an undesirable behavior again your dog easily recognize this as there correction.sit

We teach your dog to trust and understand you by using the simple language with varying tones. This language is easy for your dog to understand and can easily be adapted into all situations not just obedience.

We start by getting your dog accustomed to the language by using sit and sit step away (stay) exercise. We train the dog to not leave its command (eg: sit) until the release commanded is given. This way we are not constantly saying a word to keep a dog in its place rather we can have a cup of coffee and know our dog will stay in it sit and not get up no matter the distraction.

During Basic obedience training we also teach drop, drop step away (stay), heel and recall. This is all taught on a loose lead with lots of varying distractions. From kids running around to food treats placed near them or bouncing a ball. This way they learn to listen to you no matter what they are doing, because you always need your dog to listen to you when they aren’t paying full attention to you. This is where food training fails because if a dog isn’t paying attention to you they will not notice you have the food. Instead we use our voice command to get the dog’s attention weather on or off leash. This allows complete control over the dog when needed.

The Obedience Commands

Sit - This is when the dog is sitting next to our left hand side. Their eyes will be level with the seem of your pants. The dog must stay in this position facing the same direction until given free command.

Step away (stay) - This is when we either walk to the end of the lead or drop the lead completely and walk away from the dog. The dog must stay in their drop or sit position until the handler returns and gives a free command.STEP AWAY

Heel - This is when the dog is walking on loose lead next to the handler’s left-hand side. The dog is not allowed out of this position until given a free command. The dog must also sit when coming to a stop.

Free - This is the dog’s reward it is now allowed to get up and do as it likes it also gets lots of pats and attention for doing as it was told.

Recall to name - This is when we call the dog and the must come back to us. They should be within 30cm of the handler then shouldn’t leave again until given a free.