HEAD HALTERManners Under Distraction uses a tried and proven method developed by Greg Fontana from The Alpha Canine Group, it is based on leadership and consistency. Alpha have been using this Method with sunning results for over 15 years.
We teach your dog obedience and manner that enable your dog to live in our world. We do this using a head halter on dogs aged over 4 months old. (See picture)

This allows complete control over your dog for the training period. We teach you and your dog a simple language that your dog easily understand. We are reward based, but do not use food as many dogs aren’t food motivated and we don’t always have food on us when needed. We also use contrasting corrections when applied in the correct manner has real results. This does not hurt your dog as it’s just a NO and a circle. See videos for more details.

We can help with problems such as

  • jumping up
  • barking
  • barging though doors
  • nipping or biting people
  • aggression to people or dogs
  • stealing food
  • pulling on leash
  • inappropriately greeting visitors
  • and more