Rutherglen Adult Dog Group



How many lessons?

We do 6 lesson held indoor


How long is each lesson?

Each lesson goes for approximately one and half hours. - please allow extra time as we can run over


How often are the lesson?

Each lesson is weekly ar the same time and day. - At this stage Sunday 10am


What is covered?

During the six lessons we will show you how to teach your dog to sit, sit step away (stay), drop, drop step away, heal, recall to name, correct socialisation and manners training eg: boundaries, jumping, stealing food etc. We also address any behavioral issues your dog may have such as aggression, barking, biting/nipping etc. This is all done under moderate to high levels of distractions using the head halter. For more informations about what commands are taught see our obedience or method information pages


What do you get?

Every dog gets six lesson, 180cm lead, nose halter, gift bag with reference manual, magnet, business card, access to trainer when needed for life of the dog.



For all this its only $300

taking booking for next group lessons now



Before signing up to our lessons please consider these points if any of these are unable to be done then group lesson may not be for you.

Can you commit to weekly lessons every week

Can you commit to training your dog between lessons

Are you ok with giving your dog a correction that in no way harms or hurts your dog

Are you ok with having a nose halter on your dog for dogs like boxers then training collar will be used.

Are you able to show a current vaccination before first lesson

Is your Dog is aged over five months

If yes to all above then please keep reading. 


The lesson are held at the rutherglen Showground indoors so we be dry and warm though winter 



Lesson will start on Sunday 12august at 10am


How long does each lesson go for?

The first one will not be under two hours by the time I fit halter and then we get started. Other lesson will be approx 1 and half hours with extra time for  q and a at the end. 


What will we cover?

We will teach your dog to listen to you not FOOD!

Obedience- Sit, drop, stay, heel and recall to name – under high levels of distractions such as food and toys and other people walking around.

Manners- walking on loose lead, No jumping, No Barging though doors.

Behavioural- Digging, barking, chewing, Aggression, anxiety

Socialization- being calm around other dogs no jumping on them barking or being pushy also able to help with scared or timid or aggressive dogs.


What is include?

The price includes all the equipment needed to train with us- nose halter, and lead 

As well as an information step by step booklet with homework sheets so you no what to work on each week. 



For all this it will only cost you 300



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Want more help or cant make these days and time we can do private adult lessons.