Lesson structor

How many lessons?

We do three lesson in your home plus a follow up message after training has finished.


How long is each lesson?

Each lesson goes for approximately one hour.


How often are the lesson?

Each lesson is weekly and preferable same time and day. However we are very flexible just let us know at time of booking.


What is covered?

During the three lessons we will show you how to teach your dog to sit, sit step away (stay), drop, drop step away, heal, recall to name, correct socialisation and manners training eg: boundaries, jumping, stealing food etc. We also address any behavioural issues your dog may have such as aggression, barking, biting/nipping etc. This is all done under moderate to high levels of distractions using the head halter. For more infomations about what commands are taught see our obedience or method infomation pages 

What do you get?

Every dog gets three lesson, 180cm lead, nose halter, gift bag with reference manual, magnet, business card, and free phone access to trainer when needed for life of the dog.