Adult (over 5 months)

Our adult lesson are for dogs aged over five months old. We come to you and train one on one in the comforts of your own home.

This allows us to train in your dog normal place with all the normal distraction eg kids or other animals.

Alterntivily if one on one training isnt for you see our group lessons or if your dog is aged under five months old see our puppy lessons or group puppy lessons 



The biggest reason is our training is relevant and practical to every day life. We are not about making the dog do repetition obedience training like some obedience clubs.
We understand everyone has busy schedules and do not require you to do hours and hours of obedience training every day.
We help dogs by providing them leadership through our human world.
We train so the dog is well behaved when you need it most, under distractions such as when visitors come over, you go out in public or have kids running around. Not just when it’s complete silence.
Our training is more to do with helping you train your dog for life moments so you can live in harmony.
We use a reward base method with contrasting corrections - however we have nothing to do with food based training as we found from other owners it does not work.


 To learn more see our lesson structor


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