Our trainer

Kirsty Matthews

Kirsty Matthews is the trainer and owner of Manners Under Distraction she has always had a large passion for animals and knew her calling was to help them in one way or another.

Kirsty has completed two certificates in animal studies and companion animals though GOTAFE and has a thorough understanding of a dog’s behavior and how to read them.
Since completing the certificates in 2010 Kirsty has volunteered at local pounds, rescues and vet clinics. This has allowed her hands on experience with many different breeds of dogs in a whole range of situations.

In 2014 Kirsty decided start a career in dog training, after much Comparison she deiced ALPHA Canine group's revolutionary  training method was by far the most successful out there. She completed her professional dog training course and trained her own two dogs as well as several project dogs. She then started Manners Under Distraction and has be making owners and dogs life’s joyful and pleasant ever since.