Our Dogs


Bella is owned by Kirsty and is a purebred Australian kelpie.  She was very timid when we got her at the age of 10 months old back in 2009.
She was brought to be a working dog, but wouldn’t work and was going to be put down when Kirsty agreed to take her in as company.
Bella was Kirsty’s primary dog during the dog training course and was rather stubborn as she had always been doted on due to her timidness.
She was a great learning curve as she was scared of some distractions.
Bella enjoys laying around the backyard but she has been tried on sheep and has natural ability but doesn’t have a huge passion for it.



Buster is also owned by Kirsty and is a Corgie cross. He was found in poor condition on the streets and brought back to health by a kind lady sadly no owner could be found and his life was looking grim.
Kirsty had lost one of her dogs only 6 months earlier and Bella was pining for a friend.
When buster arrived he had obviously never been inside a house and small things like a DVD player opening would startle him and he would bark at it.
Buster also had "little dog syndrome" and would often growl and bark at larger dogs and had severe fence and gate aggression.
Thankfully with training buster was taught that it is not acceptable behavior and has since learnt to be nice to his fur-friends.
Both Bella and Buster are used during lessons to teach correct socialization to your dog as well as be an added distraction.