About us

Manners Under Distraction Dog Training is located in Corowa Nsw, but services a large area. It is owned and operated by Kirsty Matthews. We pride ourselves on being able to train all breeds of dogs in a reasonable time frame using the same tried and proven method. We have many years of experience working with dogs in different situations from pounds to vet clinics.

We are unique in our approach as we not only teach obedience, but manners as well to all dogs, because let’s face it we only really need obedience five percent of the time the rest of the time we need our dogs to have good manners by not jumping up, barging though doors or stealing food from the table. 

Manners Under Distraction offers private in home training, this gives us the best opportunity to see and train in yours and your dog’s normal environment with the usually distractions that will be in your everyday life such as; kids, other animals or other family members. It also allows us to see your dog’s normal behaviors and address any behavioral issues that may not be able to be triggered outside the home such as barking at neighbors dogs or chasing cats.

We encourage all members of the household to be present and actively involved with the training process, but it is the adult’s responsibility to train the dog not a child. We do however appreciate if children of the household are present during some lesson. We understand not all members of the household can be present during lessons and do offer a handbook with basic instructions, but require the main handlers/owners of the dog to be present during all lessons. You are the person/people responsible for training your dog during the training process we are only there to show and guide you through it. 

Here at Manners Under Distraction we believe the most important thing is for you to be able to happily include your dog in day to day life weather you’re having family over or just a night curled up on the couch your dog be involved in your day to day life not put away for misbehaving

Please refer to our training tab for more information or give Kirsty a call on 0402662879.